Lion Awareness Week - Walking for Lions

November 30, 2021


To save the last remaining WILD lions of Africa. This can only be achieved with the help and support of everybody involved that would like to help. The younger generation should start taking action for lions, and this is one place to be, a place that acts, not talks!


Walking for Lions is a page, group, company or mission that belongs to everybody. The purpose behind this dream is for everybody to join powers to assist from wherever to help lions. If you feel that you would like to help with saving lions, then why not do something from your home! DO whatever you can to create AWARENSS of our current situation that we sit with in Africa, the decrease of LIONS. YES, you read right, the decrease, not just by a little, by 90 % roughly in the last 20 years...


Great Thanks and Special Credit to each Artist and Photographer for donation these Awareness pics.