Lion Awareness Week - A Walk for Wildlife

December 1, 2021

Poaching threatens the local economy, internal security and African heritage:

"Fueled by the Asian demand for wildlife products, the levels of poaching and illegal trade are spiraling out of control across the African continent. Lions are threatened in Africa due to constant human wildlife conflict and diminishing habitat. They are further targeted for their teeth and claws by tourists and their bones to make lion bone wine in China. Elephant populations are plummeting due to the insatiable demand for ivory to make jewellery and trinkets in the Far East. As Kenyans, we can no longer sit back and watch as our wildlife continues to be plundered and our own personal security emerges to be at risk as cartels driving the wildlife trade support an influx of illegal firearms and fund conflict in various African countries."

Talk at the Global Issues Services Summit held on 22/02/13 at the International School of Kenya.

A mission to save Africa's wildlife:

Raabia Hawa is an Honorary Warden with the Kenya Wildlife Service, and a dedicated conservationist. In June, Raabia will embark on a 350km walk in an effort to raise awareness on poaching and the loss of species. Her walk will begin in Tanzania and go right through to Kenya to highlight the cross-border trafficking of ivory and other wildlife products. The walk also aims to raise funds for conservation projects in various fields from anti-poaching patrols, wildlife census and awareness campaigns in Asia.

You are welcome to also join and support:


Great Thanks and Special Credit to each Artist and Photographer for donation these Awareness pics.