Lion Awareness Week

November 30, 2021

The film Blackfish, brought worldwide attention to the plight of captive orcas in SeaWorld theme parks. African cats and indeed all wild animals in captivity, desperately need similar attention. Zoos and animal theme parks are born out of the nonsensical idea, that animals which lack human intelligence exist for our amusement.

It is truly shocking when a lion is "losing its head to a taxidermist, its bones to a Chinese pharmacy and its flesh to butchers in America, the African lion is smuggled out of its homeland, destined to appear as a burger patty, a magic potion or a floor mat. Harvested in superficial conditions, chopped up and sold for parts, the largest carnivore in Africa has gone from the iconic symbol of strength and bravery to a mere commodity that is traded amongst humans to the point where it is consumed as an unrecognisable version of itself." , the question still remains, when will we as humans, unite for lions and say, "enough-is-enough, it is time for serious change", because the time for change is now and not 10 years from now, when it might be totally too late.
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Please donate a little bit of your time to watch this short video. At first, it might not seem very important, but within, lies a magitude of hidden information that, by it self is not only shocking, but also explains, to a small extent, the magnitude of reasons why we can not fail lions.

This short video is from many months back.

There is so much, all of us can do for lions, to help lions regain their thone, not only in Africa, but also in the rest of the World.

  1. Might you be interested in joining the 7 minute challenge or the 9 minute challenge for lions.
  2. Might you be interested to add the following days to your pc calender and or mobile calender?:
    1. 9 August - International Lioness Day
    2. 10 August - International Lion Day

    3. you can also visit - World Lion Day - Lion Aid

    4. 11 August - International Lion Cub Day
    5. 12 August - International Lion Breeding Awareness Day
    6. 13 August - International Lion Trophy Awareness Day
    7. 14 August - International Lion Bone Awareness Day
    8. 15 August - International Lion Day
  3. You are also welcome to join some of the facebook page listed here

This is a very fitting song, regarding a 360 degree view of modern day, lionconservation efforts.

You are also welcome to visit some lion pics on Lions-Wild website, for those interested(Please keep in mind, the rest of the site is still under maintainance)

Might you be interested in joining the " 7 minute challange " or the " 9 minute challange " for lions.

You can also visit the petitions page, thanks in advance for your support.

Petitions Page

Great Thanks and Special Credit to each Artist and Photographer for donation these Awareness pics.