Lion Awareness Week - Intro

November 30, 2021

Lion Awareness Week is not ego driven, Lion Awareness Week is 100% AWARENESS driven. At this moment in time, all of us, needs to unite, in aim, to create, AWARENESS for lions.

Lets start off with the simple phrase:

"Ignorance killed the cat"

These words might sound very harsh, but in the last few years, these words have been spoken by many, regarding lions and the total ignorance to the amount of lions that are really still left in the wild.

Parks normally needs, a budget set, for counting animals, in their parks and different countries. Sometimes done once a year or as little as once every few years. But when it comes to game farmers and hunters and poachers, they know exactly how many animals are in an area, as it is part of their inventory, so the difference is very clear when adding value to lions, the greedy always knows, how many lions there are, at all times.

Different organizations have a vast interest in lions, as for some it is the organization's main reason for being, for other org's it might be that lions are only one of a few species that the organization covers. Between the different org's they each tell us, they want to protect lions, the ways they express sometimes differs from one extreme to another, some even tell us, that breeding back lions, might be the only option. As each of these different org's have many followers, that can contribute towards the different project those org's are running, direct positive impact can be obtained for lions and their conservation. But the infighting between org's do not help lions or their conservation in any way. Their is no perfect org, not at this moment, else there would not be a need for so many different org's, that are all "trying" to save lions.

A mayority of these Org's have either websites or facebook pages or both, so it should be an easy way, for them, to keep us, up to date, with relavent info, regarding their projects and what positive impact, their projects are having, on lion conservation and how their projects are also slowing down, the negative impact, of mankind on lions and the lion population decline.

Lion population estimates and lion population guestimates is really worthless sci-fi, if compared to a real census, as was done in India:

"At last count (April 2010 census), there were 411 lions in the 1,412 sq km of reserve forest-52 more than the last count in 2005."
"Though surviving cubs from the births in early 2011 will only be counted in the next census in 2015"
Read more at: IndiaToday"

"The 2010 census said that Gir forests, the last abode of the Asiatic lion, have a total of 411 lions which includes 77 cubs, 120 males, 185 lionesses and 29 lions whose sex could not be ascertained."
Read more at: IndiaToday

2015 May - Wildlife experts have welcomed census figures showing India’s population of endangered Asiatic lions has increased in the last five years in the western state of Gujarat. Gujarat chief minister Anandiben Patel said officials counted 523 lions, up 27% from the last census conducted in 2010 in Gir sanctuary, the last habitat for the big cats globally. The census was conducted over five days earlier this month in the 20,000 sqkm (7,700 sq m) sanctuary and surrounding forest lands. “There are 109 male lions, 201 females and 213 cubs in the Gir sanctuary and nearby forest areas of Junagadh district,” Patel said on Sunday.
Read more at: theguardian-conservation

The question still remains, how many lions are really left, in the rest of the world (real solid counted figures)

ESTIMATE - Read more

Northern Africa0
West Africa480 - 525
Central Africa 2,267 - 2,419
East Africa18,308 - 19,972
Southern Africa11,160 - 12,036
Total32,260 - 34,907

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You might also want to have a look at the following lion population numbers....
Received: 14 July 2012 / Accepted: 4 October 2012

The size of savannah Africa: a lion's (Panthera leo) viewOpen link

According to report, "24,000 lions are in strongholds, about 4,000 in potential ones, but over 6,000 lions are inpopulations that have a very high risk of local extinction." But it might be best to read the full report, in order to understand the information in context.

Based on the assessment of 47 well monitored lion populations, P. leo has experienced an estimated population reduction of approximately 42% over the past 21 years (approximately three lion generations, 1993-2014). Click to download PDF and Read more

So the final question still remains, "How many lions, lionesses and cubs are left in africa, counted, not Estimated and not guestimated!!!"

Talk at the Global Issues Services Summit held on 22/02/13 at the International School of Kenya.

Dereck and Beverly Joubert

You might also want read:

"Dereck: We are trying to draw attention to the fact that these are cats we should celebrate and have respect for, hence "Big Cat Week." The thrust of the week is to bring attention to the fact that, really and truly, big cats around the world are down by 95 percent."

"Beverly: We don't have a lot of time only a 15-to-20-year window, and I don't believe that we want to be responsible for turning these animals into the dinosaurs of tomorrow. These animals are actually keeping vast tracts of land alive and healthy. And if we can't save the cats, then we really can't save ourselves either." - "While doing research for a news piece about the renewed calls for a ban on canned hunting which followed the videos publication, I was very surprised to learn that there are approximately 2700 wild lions left in South Africa. - I re-checked this several times, feeling sure that it could not be true. But the figure was confirmed by the latest information obtained from the Department of Environmental Affair, which puts the number of wild lions at 2743. - It means there are now fewer wild lions than rhinos. It also means that the captive population now outnumbers the wild one by as much as double."

Now this news alone is very alarming, but you should read the rest.... Clearly one lions day a year is not enough, a LionAwarenessWeek and even a lionawarenessmonth might really be needed to create even better awareness for what lions in Africa really face.

So, while Org's, hunters and poachers keep fighting about who's correct and who's wrong, the lion population will keep plumiting and breeding back the lions will have less to no effect.

We need to become AWARE, else no positive changes will improve the future of lions in Africa.

Great Thanks and Special Credit to each Artist and Photographer for donation these Awareness pics.