Lion Awareness Week - Canned Hunting Awareness

October 20, 2021

Canned Hunting

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International Campaign Against Canned Hunting

Animal advocacy NGO focused on exposing and closing down the canned lion hunting industry in South Africa.

Short educational video by CACH

Some Conservationists think that canned hunting can simply be regulated, not banned.

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  1. Trophy hunting is also a major cause of lion numbers declining, especially since the trophy hunter always wants the magnificent pride male, and once he has been removed, pride cohesion breaks down, with competing males killing all the cubs. It has been estimated that it can take 7 years before that pride can recover fully from the killing of the pride male.
  2. Because hunters have wiped out so many wild lions there is a demand for a constant supply of living targets and lion farming has increased dramatically in South Africa.
  3. In the last fifteen years the number of captive lions in S.A. has increased from almost zero to over 8000. That is twice as many as there are wild lions (4000)
  4. Lion farmers grow out lions for at least three years before they reach huntable size. To help pay the cost of rearing lions, lion farmers rent out their cubs to be played with by tourists. And they take in volunteers who pay to be allowed to work at a lion farm (deceitfully described usually as a lion sanctuary)
  5. What you can do to help the African lion:-
    1. Cub petting - Do not patronise any tourist resort where cub-petting is allowed.
    2. Volunteers - Do not volunteer at any facility where breeding of lions takes place. If there are cubs then it is a lion farm breeding centre.

    Some more articles online Posted: 03/06/2013
    -Canned hunting': the lions bred for slaughter

    Canned Hunts discussed with Chris Mercer on UrbanJunglesRadio
    Published on Jan 15, 2014

    The above article, also includes a video clip and there is over 710 comments to the article Posted: 06/05/2013 03/06/2013

    If you still need more motivation, then please read

    The latest article at Very important reading

    31 MAY 2015 -PHASA- Let's put the lid on wild tales of canned hunting

    "It is unfortunate, however, that some want to throw the baby out with the bathwater, penalising legal operators because of the illegal actions of the few." Link to the info
    Cached Copy -Link to the info

    21 July 2015 -What is canned lion hunting? Activists, industry, government disagree

    From the activists' point of view if a lion is bred in highly unnatural and stressful conditions to be hunted, with no survival skills for in the wild, then it doesn't really stop being canned lion hunting just because the area it was shot in was fairly big and it wasn't under the influence of tranquilisers.

    In other words, "While government appears intent on reforming and sanitising the business of breeding and hunting lions, critics want to see it dismantled altogether" according to the Conservation Action Trust. Link to the info

    Very, very bad news ;(
    The rights of lions in Africa, needs urgent improvement!!!

    21 July 2015 -Death of Zimbabwe’s Best-Loved Lion Ignites Debate on Sport Hunting

    "Zimbabwe’s most well-known and much-photographed black-maned lion, affectionately named Cecil, was killed by sport hunters just outside the nation’s premier wildlife park, Hwange." Link to the info

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