International Lion Day(15 Aug)

Creating AWARENESS for Lions, 15 Aug 2013 - December 1, 2021

Sincere Thanks for all your support for the last 8 years.
It is time to pass the task on to the Younger Generation.

Countdown till the closure of LionAwarenessWeek


Yes, you read correctly, you can celebrate this day, every week. That should total 51 times, before the next official celebration.

A retrospect to lion awarenessweek - lions, males and females. How can we improve their survival and improve their animal rights?

There needs to be a HUMAN OUTCRY... worldwide..!

A cry that demands the END of TROPHY KILLING ALL TOGETHER....

9-11 August is all about the Pride,

12-14 August is all about what needs serious attention, regarding lions and

the 15th is a simple retrospect to all that happened from 9-15 August.

So this lionawarenessweek was as follow:

  1. 9 August - International Lioness Day
  2. 10 August - International Lion Day

  3. you can also visit - World Lion Day - Lion Aid

  4. 11 August - International Lion Cub Day
  5. 12 August - International Lion Breeding Awareness Day
  6. 13 August - International Lion Trophy Awareness Day
  7. 14 August - International Lion Bone Awareness Day
  8. 15 August - International Lion Day

The response to lionawarenessweek so far, has been good, but it is important, that as many people as possible, be made more AWARE of the problems that lions face.

Maybe if a trophy hunters, feels the need to proclaim the benefits derived from hunting,

Why don't they just donate those Dollars directly into positive conservation, split between the conservation effort and the NGO or NPO that works at ground level with the people in that area.


Signatures are already beyond 1777,010 +, needing less than 223,990 signatures to reach 2,000,000+
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Trophy hunting – Targets the best genes in a lion there is no disputing that trophy hunting is a lucrative business. ... hunters pays an X amount of Dollars for a lion and then that lion is gone, forever. ....

Hunting Lions for Fun

Posted by Dereck Joubert: "If one unpacks the statistics, shocking figures emerge. We may have between 20,000-30,000 lions left in the world. Of those, there may be as few as 3,000 males like Cecil left."
Please read the full article

The $200 million question

How much does trophy hunting really contribute to African communities?
Please read the full article

If you unsure, about what you can do, to help?:

Might you be interested in joining the " 7 minute challenge " or the " 9 minute challenge " for lions.

Hoping the 7 min and 9 min challenge will help create even more awareness.
Human beings must acquire knowledge through their own experiences, rather than blindly believing or following others.- Senora Roy quotes
Will be updated soon......

You can also visit the petitions page, thanks in advance for your support.
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Great Thanks and Special Credit to each Artist and Photographer for donation these Awareness pics.