International Lion Breeding Awareness Day(12 August)

Creating AWARENESS for Lions, 12 Aug 2013 - November 30, 2021

Sincere Thanks for all your support for the last 8 years.
It is time to pass the task on to the Younger Generation.

Countdown till the closure of LionAwarenessWeek


Today is solely dedicated to captive bred lion cubs of all ages. How we can improve their survival and improve their animal rights.

"The owner of a South African lion sanctuary has said that every other facility that breeds cubs in the country is linked to the "canned hunting" industry where big cats are slaughtered by wealthy wildlife trophy hunters."
Link to info 7 AUGUST 2015 UK Mirror

Horror of lion death camps:

Brits conned into rearing big cats for wealthy wildlife trophy hunters to slay - Link to info 7 AUGUST 2015 - "He and others have joined a Facebook campaign called --Volunteers in Africa Beware-- ( which works to highlight the cruel trade to would-be volunteers.

5 lies you need to stop believing about the lion cub petting industry

"The harsh truth is that when you are cuddling a lion cub or bottle feeding one, you are directly funding the canned lion hunting industry. "
Link to info 7 AUGUST 2015 Africa Geographic

Cuddling Cubs - Discover The Darker Side Of Big Cat "Conservation"

"The public should refrain from cub petting, it is important that people are educated to understand that the cub they pet today will be cruelly killed by a canned hunter when it gets older. "
Link to info May 27th, 2015 -

Published on Jul 15, 2015 - The Official trailer for Blood Lions, a documentary that exposes the terrible truth behind the predator breeding and canned lion hunting industries in South Africa.

Young lion cubs (brother and sister)

Special Assignment
Published on Aug 5, 2013

Here is some other reading links:

How Lions go from the Petting Zoo to the Dinner Plate

Here is another documentry from 50/50 that dates back to December 2012 - the naration is in afrikaans, but luckly english text was added so you can follow.

Part 1

Part 2

If you unsure, about what you can do, to help?:

Might you be interested in joining the " 7 minute challenge " or the " 9 minute challenge " for lions.

Human beings must acquire knowledge through their own experiences, rather than blindly believing or following others.- Senora Roy quotes

You can also visit the petitions page, thanks in advance for your support.

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