International Lion Day(10 Aug)

Creating AWARENESS for Lions, 10 Aug 2013 - December 1, 2021

Sincere Thanks for all your support for the last 8 years.
It is time to pass the task on to the Younger Generation.

Countdown till the closure of LionAwarenessWeek


Today is solely dedicated to lions of all ages, males and females, wild and captive bred. How can we improve their survival and improve their animal rights?

Special dedication on this day, to Cecil, a fallen Hero!

Cecil, a fallen Hero!

"RIP Cecil: " 10 Photos of One of the Most Beautiful Lions who Ever Lived

Tribute to Cecil the lion

Published on 10 Sep 2015 - "A tribute to Cecil the lion and recent events around Walter Palmer the hunter."

As you have already gathered from information on the web and facebook pages, Lion-Aid are encouraging many Organizations to assist in the effort, to improve awareness for lions on 10 August, a World Lion Day and is gaining lots of support.

You can find out more, how to get involved, in promoting World Lion Day on 10 August. Their facebook link.

Get involved, National Geographic style !

In celebration of World Lion Day on August 10, National Geographic’s Big Cats Initiative invites you to cause an uproar! Here are some ways to get involved and help save lions and other big cats:
how to get involved, National Geographic style!

If you unsure, about what you can do, to help?:

Might you be interested in joining the " 7 minute challenge " or the " 9 minute challenge " for lions.

Human beings must acquire knowledge through their own experiences, rather than blindly believing or following others.- Senora Roy quotes

Lions - We are one

Lion Family-Fun-Day at the Beach

Petitions Page

Great Thanks and Special Credit to each Artist and Photographer for donation these Awareness pics.